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      • 產品名稱:CEE雞胚提取物(雞胚提取液)
      • 產品貨號:100-163p
      • 產品規格:10ml
      • 產品品牌:Gemini
      • 供應商:
      • 產品產地: 產品價格:¥詢價
      • 產品說明書:
      • 詳細信息:
      • 雞胚提取 液是從生長10天的雞胚提取的,用于組織培養中的生長因子補充成分。產品預期僅用于體外研究。

        Gemini’s chicken embryo extract is prepared from 9-12 day old eggs collected from registered flocks and found to be free from clinical signs of notifiable diseases.

        It is processed as a 50% extract in phosphate-buffered saline that is supplemented with 100IU/mL Penicillin, 100 ug/mL Streptomycin and 2.5ug/mL Amphotericin. The liquid extract is sterile filtered to 0.2 µm and lyophilized in 10mL aliquots. The sterility of this lyophilized powder cannot be guaranteed and should be sterile filtered once more after reconstitution.

        Lyophilized for longest shelf life.
        Ships on blue ice. Store refrigerated at 2 to 8°C.

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